2017-2018 Staff

Elaina Clancy


Senior Elaina Clancy spends her school days working on sustainable farming projects with Mrs. Stewart and motivating her teammates as captain of the cross country team. Elaina is also a part of The Bubbler Band, Envirothon, Mo...

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Kaytlin Black


Junior Kaytlin Black joined Bubbler Bulletin based on her friend, Maddie’s, recommendation. Maddie sold Kaytlin on the idea that the club would be fun and allow Kaytlin to improve her writing and journalism skills. She enjoys wr...

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Kayla Lohman

Vice President

Kayla Lohman, a junior, is excited to spend her second year participating in Bubbler Bulletin.  She joined the club as a sophomore because she loves to read and write. Her favorite part about newspaper is getting to talk to...

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Claire Chicchi


Senior Claire Chicchi, Newspaper Club president, has been a part of the school newspaper for three years. She is a dedicated writer and aspires to major in journalism in college. Besides Newspaper, Chicchi is involved in the D...

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