Special Olympics

On October 31st, The Dickinson College Special Olympics took place on Biddle Field.

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Athletes from local Life Skills and Multiple Disabilities classrooms came out to participate in track and field events with their peers. This annual event brings students together and celebrates good sportsmanship and giving your best.

Ranging from elementary age to high school, athletes competed in more traditional events like the 400 meter dash, and events like the various wheelchair races. From Boiling Springs, we had over a dozen outstanding performances in multiple events from students in our LIfe Skills MAC classrooms.

Teisha Apponte of the Boiling Springs MAC participated in the 50 meter dash in her gait trainer.   She also made an appearance in the wheelchair relay, however, the highlight of her day was certainly the assisted 50 meter walk. Teisha has been working on strengthening her legs and walking longer and longer distances. For her to walk the whole 50 meters, and to do it with a smile, is the quintessence of the games.

Jimmy of the Life Skills class participated in the shot put, the long jump, and placed third in the 400 meter dash. Jimmy said his favorite thing about Special Olympics is that ‘’we can meet other people from other schools”.

Another Life Skills student, Jered, competed in the standing long jump, turbo javelin and the 100 meter dash. He said his favorite part about the games is that they ‘’Allow kids to be active for a whole day’’. Other students, including Anthony, participated in the long jump, turbo javelin and the 400 dash.

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Special Olympics