First Annual Powder Puff Game A Success

Athletes and cheerleaders braved the cold for a good cause

Kayla Lohman

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The highly anticipated Powder Puff game took place on a cold night under the lights at Ecker Field on the Boiling Springs High School campus. The game pitted freshman girls against sophomore girls and junior girls against senior girls, while boys cheered them on.

Although temperatures dropped to below forty degrees, and a harsh wind chilled the noses of spectators and athletes alike, nothing could dampen the spirits on the field.

“I was having so much fun in the game I didn’t even notice the cold,” Zoe Erme said.

The first game, freshman against sophomores, began at 5:30 and lasted until 6:20, with two twenty minute halves and a ten minute half-time. There was supposed to be a half-time show, but due to technical difficulties, the show was cancelled. The freshmen were victorious with a final score of 14-7.

The junior and senior girls took the field at about 7:00 pm. Energized and enthusiastic, both teams were determined to win. However, the juniors took home the prize with a final score of 26-7. The first three touchdowns for the juniors were scored by Maddie Hughes, with Sydney Hemler bringing home the fourth one. Both teams’ cheerleaders performed during halftime; their show including a chicken fight, a kickline, and a dance off.

In the stands, students and parents kept warm under hats, gloves, and plenty of blankets. The student section was small, due to the fact that most of the students were playing on the field, and although the full band wasn’t able to attend, a small section of students played the tuba, trumpet, and drums to cheer on the players.

The cost of admission to the game was three dollars for students and five dollars for adults. There was also a fee for students to enter as a player or a cheerleader. In total, the Powder Puff game raised over 2,000 dollars for the Mini Thon Club.

“I knew from the beginning that this was a highly anticipated event,” said Mini Thon club advisor Senora Slentz, “But the enthusiasm and excitement that the students showed surpassed all of my expectations.”

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First Annual Powder Puff Game A Success