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The appearance of a billboard adorned with the words “Save the Lake” next to the Boiling Springs Clock Tower has raised public attention within the past few months.

John Davis

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Children’s Lake, a crown jewel of Boiling Springs since the 18th century, has seen better days. Two summers ago, the lake’s water level was reduced two feet in order to relieve pressure on the partially-collapsed limestone dam as well as reduce seepage into the sinkhole that had opened up by Bucher Hill Road.
The sinkhole has already been repaired. However, to comply with state environmental standards, the Fish and Boat Commission requires an estimated $1.8 million to repair the dam.

When the state funding of the Lake’s repairs were uncertain in 2016, Boiling Springs citizens came together to raise funds for the town’s centerpiece. The “Save the Lake” fund, backed by the Bubbler Foundation, has been accepting donations from the community and corporate sponsors for several months now.

With the support of Pennsylvania State Senator Mike Regan and a $2.4 million line item in the Capital Budget, the status of the lake is safe for now. All proceeds raised since then (roughly $400,000) will go towards smaller projects that will benefit the Lake once it is back to its original state.
For example, many citizens have suggested putting money towards silt removal, a project that would be perfect for completing once the Lake is drained for repairing the dam.
Another suggestion includes utilizing natural aerators, such as oxygen-producing algae and plants, to better the oxygen saturation of the Lake. While not a priority, these aerators could prevent the abundance of anaerobic organisms that decrease fish population.

To view more details about the grassroots organization, such as contact info and frequently asked questions, participating members of the Save the Lake group maintain an informational website at

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Save the Lake